Cracked Spigot (sonic6398) wrote in wcc,
Cracked Spigot

thriple thread post!

k, time for a more serious post to all three of my main squeezes

I'm looking to take a big long trip in a few months and I'm getting rid of a few things to make the cash I need, so I figured I'd give a shot here at selling them. Here is the magic list with prices

Computer: Pentium 4, 1.8 gig processor, 128mb video card, Gig ram, 160 gig hard drive, windows xp, dvd burner, desk, speakers+big sub, webcam, monitor and anything else I deem only useful with the comp
Asking price for all: $700, but negotiable

Xbox: 2controllers, one big, one small. Assorted games, including Halo 1 and 2 among others.
Asking $150, but again, negotioble

Television: Old, but it still works as a television. Tape player functions strangely, inbuilt dvd player works not at all. Selling with an external dvd player, or separate. 70 bucks for the pair, or 30 for the tv and 40 for the dvd player. Dvd player has a remote

Finally, my car
1987 Honda Civic, not running, but I've been told its not that big of a fix. I'm selling it with or without the stereo system I installed. Without stereo: 4-$500 With Stereo Equipment:$7-800

Stereo equipment separately: Stereo, mp3 cd and auxilary port compatable, plus 4 Pioneer 160 watt speakers
Asking price: 3-$400

I know lotta people don't like people posting want ads, but It's worth a shot.

Drop my a comment if your interested or if you have advice other than going elsewhere with the want ad. I'm going elsewhere simultaneously.
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