Cracked Spigot (sonic6398) wrote in wcc,
Cracked Spigot

Dire Straits!

Hello Bellingham/Wcc communities(respectively)

I have a rather severe situation on my hands that I hope LJ can help me solve.

The first problem is that my current place to live expires on monday. I have to be gone, vacant, and permanently unseen from my room by then or my stuff(all two bags of it) go to goodwill.

The other problem is that I don't get paid until the 19th.

Is there anyone on livejournal that A. Has an empty room in their house that I could start renting(preferrably long term) starting on the 15-16th? I'm looking to pay about 3-350 a month and I'm very clean and personable. The only thing is that I wouldn't have rent until the aforementioned pay day, but I could have it in full.
Or B. Has a couch I could crash on between monday and friday(payday).

I'm a really nice guy and I don't want to become homeless.

Thanks for any help!
my number is 360-306-6342
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