Harriet the Spy (harriet_m_welsh) wrote in wcc,
Harriet the Spy

KGMI - A Twenty Minute Tornado

My apologies if you've seen this elsewhere, but I want to make as many people aware of this issue as possible.

I work at The Black Drop Coffeehouse and we participate in a youth work program for at-risk and low-income youths.

KGMI's Morning show with Joe and Patti successfully dismantled a major aspect of it on their talk show July 1. Thanks to their irresponsible message, the homeless shelter we were working with has lost their funding for job training.

If you can stomach it, try listening to the show here http://tiny.cc/Jjnb3

But also be sure to read our rebuttal here http://tiny.cc/jLo1t

Thanks a lot, KGMI - way to go. >:-[
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