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Winter Masquerade Ball

The Whatcom Community College's QSA (Queer Straight Alliance) Club finally has their poster for the upcoming event for Saturday, February 6th from 7:00pm-11:00pm...

Winter Masquerade Ball

I expect to see a lot of you locals at the event.
It is a complimentary, (Yes that means it's FREE!)
dance filled with entertainment, DJ, Music, Both
a Mask and Costume Contests, Catered Food & Drinks,
A Belly Dance Troop called the Mahala Dancers,
Games and more!

The QSA (Queer Straight Alliance) club is hosting this years Masquerade Ball this winter quarter at WCC's Syre building. The doors will be open for everyone ages 16 and up. Masks and Costumes are highly encouraged. It's a way for you to go show off your creative costuming or dress-up in formal wear with fancy flare and fantastic finesse to a swanky dance. We will be decorating the ball in the theme of the movie Labyrinth!

There you can enjoy the talents of a DJ, dance to music, delicious food, tasty beverages, The Mahala Dancers, & there will be a photo booth for portraits that can be purchased. There will be contests for masks & costumes. Come be a part of our magical night!

Here is our QSA Facebook group & fan page:


Also, here is QSA Whatcom's profile page to add as a friend:


Contact us by email us at: wccqsa@gmail.com

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~Laughter & Light~
~Rachel Simpson
~QSA Club President

"Love knows no gender, race, or color."
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